California Road Trip Pics: Sentient Beings In NoHo


John Eng and Adriene Biondo have been documenting their road trips into obscure corners of California for years. Here are some of their dispatches sent in from the road:

As much as I love seeing the world through my windshield, there’s a whole other world to see when you take a walk. You get to stroll at your own pace, stop, look up, and look down.

One afternoon while walking through the developing No Ho Arts District in North Hollywood I looked up to admire the stainless steel sculptures outside the entry of the Arts Institute on Lankershim. I really had to look up high, one is 18 feet tall! The sculptures are intriguing as they are made of shiny stainless steel rods yet they feel friendly and personable. In fact, you can walk among them. Later I looked them up and smiled to learn that the artist named them “Sentient Beings.” Sentient is defined as able to perceive and feel things. I definitely felt connected.

I was so glad I was walking or I might have missed the intimacy of the scene and just continued on my way.

You can see Cliff Garten‘s Sentient Beings sculptures at 5250 Lankershim Bl. in No Ho, outside the Art Institute of California.