Cacophony In Santa Ana This Saturday


Maybe you’ve made the long trip to Burning Man or stumbled along with the drunken Santas barhopping at Christmastime, but did you know they both have origins in the late, lamented Cacophony Society? Reverend Al and his merry band of misfits are back for the Cacopalooza this Saturday in downtown Santa Ana. Jon Alloway’s documentary film Into the Zone, about the art prank absurdist surrealist gang of kooks is premiering at the Yost theater at 3pm, but the most timid lookiloos can still enjoy the sexy side of safety with the Art of Bleeding, a parade of art cars under the direction of this guy, strip dreidel, giant doggie diner heads and Dr. Sunshine, who will use “uplifting humor to teach about hideous disfigurement and tragedy.” The Cacophony Society: You may already be a member. See you there. 

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