Britney Vs. Christina

Stopped into downtown’s Babycakes to enjoy an organic, vegan, gluten-free agave-sweetened spelt flour banana split donut this afternoon (wow, did I just say that?!) and they were all out. I had to settle for cake. Well, anyway I noticed they had two big mason jars near the register set up like a little polling place. What a great idea! Double your pleasure and all. Today’s battle was Christina Aguilera Vs. Britney Spears and Miss Spears was winning by a landslide. Lookit that folding money!  I can only imagine the windfall those bakeristas will enjoy when she’s at Staples Center in June. Found that on her website, which is hilariously sponsored by wacky old lady mail order emporium Fingerhut. Poor Christina only had ten cents in her jar. Me? I’m agnostic, I left a dollar on the credit card receipt.