Book of Tiki

Almost twenty years ago when the last vestiges of the 1950s wave of Polynesian pop were drying up and blowing away, Silver Lake cinematographer Sven Kirsten began his research into a lost world of tiki temples, master mixologists and secret carving. His efforts culminated in the 2000 release of The Book of Tiki by Taschen. The groundbreaking tome unleashed a revival of mid century exotica manifested in new bars, music, fine art, conventions and a long line of tiki mugs from San Clemente-based Tiki Farm. To mark the 10th anniversary of the landmark book, the company recently released a Book of Tiki 10th anniversary mug, sculpted by Moritz Reichelt. This puts Sven on the bar shelf with Trader Vic, Don the Beachcomber and those amazingly talented fellows over at Oceanic Arts. The ceramic vessel comes with a recipe for the Tiki Reviver created by fellow exotica explorer Beachbum Berry. Fill ‘er up and hit the books!