Bison On Broadway


I took a walk down Broadway last week and was wowed by all the work happening at my favorite historic buildings. It’s such a thrill to see workers and equipment one day and some treasure emerge the next. Los Feliz bistro Figaro just opened a second location next to the Palace Theater, the glorious Broadway Arcade building has sprouted a smart little Famima since my last visit, and just last Wednesday, the 1911 façade of 351 S. Broadway was exposed again.


I thought I’d check in with Clifton’s Cafeteria owner Andrew Meieran to see how work on his iconic restaurant, scheduled to reopen this year, was coming along and he sent over a picture of bison on Broadway – apparently new residents of Clifton’s. “The restoration is going exceptionally well and I think people will be amazed by the new Original Clifton’s,” Meieran told me. “Needless to say, expect to see and experience the unexpected (see photo attached).  There’s never been a place like this– anywhere.  And I’m proud that we’re bringing it to Downtown LA.”


I can’t wait to see what Meieran comes up with and will bring you updates as they happen. Clifton’s watch ’13!