Beware Of Monsters In Burbank


If you’re afraid of monsters, stay out of Burbank this weekend. Hordes of beasts will be descending on the Airport Marriott to celebrate Monsterpalooza starting Friday. I guess Los Angeles is fresh out of castles and houses on haunted hills. The three-day spookfest includes makeup sessions with Oscar-winning prostheticologists, classic film screenings and legions of monster movie heroes in person including Natassja Kinski, Malcolm McDowell, Joe Dante, John Landis, and of course, the Lugosi, Karloff and Chaney families. They even found Godzilla… or at least Haruo Nakajima, the guy that stomped around Tokyo in that famous rubber suit. And striking while the zombie iron is hot, Saturday night is the wild “Living Dead Dance Contest” where you can literally dance your butt off. Eww.