Become Part of the Art at These Pop-Up Restaurant Events


Three new artful food events are on the horizon that combine fine dining with interactive art installations, lectures, and workshops. The performances are in specially dressed locations and are meant to evoke a casual dinner with friends. Tink’s House (July 31-August 17), a downtown pop-up in a secret location, simulates a party moving from kitchen to living room to bedroom. This last space is upholstered in foam and bed sheets and limited to eight guests. Chocolate cake “mush” will be served. As one planner put it, the evening is “intended to be intimate, but it’s not supposed to be awkward.”

Thank You For Coming (Friday, July 25) is a “synesthetic dining experience” designed by the architecture firm Claret Cup. Diners will choose a meal based on color instead of ingredients with the idea that by using other senses, the flavors will be magnified.  Participants are encouraged to sign up for a screen printing class to be held in advance, perhaps to create a garment for the evening.

Elderflower, Pomelo, and lavender are among the ingredients for the XYZ Club dinner (Saturday, July 26) held outdoors in the lush gardens of the Velaslavasay Panorama. Seattle artist Sue Truman will reveal her “Crankies,” long paintings unrolled with the help of a hand-crank, before guests enjoy five decadent courses, accompanied by Lonesome Leash, a single performer on trumpet, accordion, and drums. Now, that’s entertainment!