Bad Girl of Comedy Takes Crenshaw Boulevard


I plugged a big gap in my historical, musical and comedic knowledge last night by attending a wingding for the very funny and very sparkly Luenell at Maverick’s Flat on Crenshaw Boulevard. Go there! Tonight! Here’s their entertainment schedule. Her “Red Carpet, Star-studded, Freaky Deaky, Throwback Birthday Bash” stuffed the historic club so tightly that I felt like a kid in a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit. The guest of honor said she was bringing “Hollywood to the ‘hood” and invited a wild and wacky guest list including R&B singer/former Hancock Park “David” house owner Norwood Young, actress Selene Luna, songwriter Allee Willis and Emmy-award winner Loretta Devine, who I loved on the woefully underrated claymation show The P.J.’s. Luenelle has a new movie coming out in June. Should I brave both Adam Sandler and Vanilla Ice to see it? 


Photography by Angela George