Audiophiles Unite Behind Luxuria Music


My lonely turntable has not been getting the vinyl love it deserves. My wall of sound has been pretty quiet what with these computer machines and such. When I do stick these tiny speakers inside my ears, I listen to Luxuria Music. Thirty of the most extreme music archeologists in Los Angeles convene to create an incredible soundscape of  “Lounge, space age bachelor pad, bossa, soft-psych-, go-go, Latin jazz, sophisticated rock and surf music” 24 hours a day. Esteemed musicians like Ian Whitcomb, The Millionaire and Kristian Hoffman volunteer to spin rarities from their own stockpiles of obscure audio.  Ooh! Embarzada by Sergio Corona just came on! Who? To keep the party going they are in the middle of a fundraiser. Artist Kevin Kidney (Who recently illustrated Los Angeles magazine’s profile of Rolly Crump) has created a hi fidelity T-shirt that you need to pick up. The limited edition design (pictured at right) is printed in custom Pantone colors on a tagless black shirt and is only available now through June 14. Buy it now, you don’t want to have to dig through dusty crates at the flea market to find one.