Ask Chris: Is It True That Quentin Tarantino Is Providing Custom Projectors to Theaters so They Can Screen His Next Movie?

Our in-house historian has the answer

Leave it to a film nerd to cherish the old Panavision. The former video store clerk turned Academy Award winner hired Boston Light & Sound to handcraft scores of 70mm projectors compatible with his film’s widescreen format. Tarantino hopes to loan them to as many as 100 theaters for a limited run of his western, The Hateful Eight (out Christmas Day). Company cofounder Larry Shaw says building the refrigerator-size devices was a challenge. “We hunted North and South America and Europe for machines,” he says, “and frankensteined them together.” A film hasn’t been shot in Ultra Panavision 70 since 1966. We hope that theaters can dust off some old-time projectionists to operate the beasts.