Ask Chris: Why is There an Etching of a Dog on the Grave of Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer from The Little Rascals? Is it Supposed to be Pete the Pup?

Our in-house historian has the answer

The slick-haired, freckle-faced star of The Little Rascals TV series struggled to find acting work as an adult. At 19 he moved to the Central Valley to become a professional bear hunter. “He was more of a part-time hunting guide,” says his son, Lance. Switzer’s canine companions were Treeing Walker coonhounds. After his murder in 1959 at 31, Switzer’s parents arranged for his grave marker at Hollywood Forever Cemetery to include an etching of his favorite dog. Three other Rascals are buried nearby, as is Switzer’s inventor father, whose tombstone features a drawing of one of his contraptions: the Allure breast-enlarging machine.