Art For Your Face. These Shades Should Be In A Museum


If you’ve ever taken a ride in the elevator at LACMA’s Eli Broad museum, you have admired the work of Barbara Kruger. Wallpapered around the 3-story lift are her bold red, black, and white graphics: “SHOP” and “STARE” and “PLENTY SHOULD BE ENOUGH-RIGHT?”

The conceptual artist studied under photographer Diane Arbus and began her career as a graphic designer.  She has taught at California Institute of the Arts, and and University of California, Berkeley, and at Scripps College in Claremont. She splits her time between New York and Los Angeles.

For Your Art has created a pair of limited-edition $200 sunglasses with the artist and Freeway Eyewear based on a 1981 piece by Kruger.  Your gaze hits the side of my face will be available in three styles and to quote the ad copy: the wearer transforms into a voyeur and an object; a play on themes of looking, power, and the gaze. Whoa, I just needed a pair of shades.