An Evening At Theatricum Botanicum


Even though I try my best to explore every corner of our vast suburban metropolis, I still have a long list of special places to check off my list. I finally got myself out to Topanga canyon and enjoyed the production of Rose Cottages at Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum. Geer’s daughter Ellen shines in the outdoor production about a decaying Florida hotel owner trying to keep her head above water. I’m so unaccustomed to non- theme park nature that it was hard to tell if the cricket sounds were real or piped in and I wasn’t sure if the leaves that littered the stage were props or falling from the canopy above. I do, however, stand confident that the monarch butterfly that glided by was definitely not electronic. The amphitheater feels like a Lilliputian Hollywood Bowl, with pre-show picnics and puffy seat cushions, yet we were close enough to see the stitching on the performers costumes. Grab a blanket and a bottle and head for the hills.