A Day in the Life of Mr. Bonetangles


In his new movie Chef, Jon Favreau’s character has a midlife crisis and asks Iron Man to buy him a food truck. He then travels across America, discovers himself, and realizes Sophia Vergara is beautiful. There’s a great moment set on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade where Favreau watches the puppeteer Will Schutze and his marionette Mr. Bonetangles perform Al Green’s Tired of Being Alone. It’s a great routine, and a needed pause in the action that sometimes made me feel like a harried line cook. Here’s a little video peek into Schutze’s life as a busker. He seems to be on his own voyage of discovery, recently leaving Los Angeles for South Carolina. Too bad, we could use more puppet street performers in this town.

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Will Schutze, Puppeteer on Vimeo