2/13 Month: Vintage Yellow Pages Ads From The (213) Years: Western Exterminator


For decades, all of L.A. was united under the 213 area code. The iconic digits were easy to dial on rotary phones, and the coveted low numbers (New York’s 212 and Chicago’s 312) were reserved for big cities. I let my fingers do the walking through my collection of old L.A. phone books and found these awesome Yellow Pages ads from vintage L.A. companies still thriving in 2013.   

The best move Western Exterminator ever made was letting the phone company design their logo. The little man with the spats and dark shades has been the company mascot for more than 80 years. “Kernel Kleenup” still reasons with the rat over the Hollywood Freeway and adorns the back of countless trucks on their way to kill bugs.  If you live near Arcadia and want a visit from the Little Man, feel free to dial GIlbert 3-1424, it still works!