2013: The Summer Of Robot Punching Movies


The World’s End is great boozy action fun with heart. Go see it. Simon Pegg is someone you’d follow into any awful place – maybe a haunted house or a spaceship – oh, and it pays homage to The Wild Angels – big points there. But it also has robot punching. So much robot punching. I declare 2013 the summer of robot punching. Why did spacemen and wolf-monsters and Tom Cruise all feel the need to rock and sock artificial intelligence throughout the entire season? During Pacific Rim, I felt like I was playing with the action figures for a movie I didn’t want to see. Iron Man 3 had a whole posse of angry machines trading blows. Tom Cruise practically tears apart little Wall-E clones in Oblivion. Everyone loves Roomba and Commander Data, let’s just take it down a notch. The Wolverine attacks that kindly old Japanese inventor? The cancer patient in Elysium uses his last days to box metal? About the only movie without pugilistic androids was Bad Robot’s Star Trek Into Darkness – and they even had Peter “Robocop” Weller to play around with! C’mon friends, we don’t want to have to explain this to our future automaton overlords.