Wolfgang Puck Is Leaving the Hotel Bel-Air Restaurant After 11 Years

Wolfgang Puck and the Hotel Bel-Air are parting ways—amicably, they say—but you still have time to grab a last meal by Puck before he goes

The news that Wolfgang Puck will no longer manage the food and beverage operations at Hotel Bel-Air has taken Los Angeles area diners by surprise, as well as international travelers who frequent the luxurious hotel and its restaurant.

Brittany Williams, director of communications for Bel-Air Hotel is quick to reassure the public that the 11-year partnership with Puck is ending amicably, and that you still have two more months to enjoy a meal by Puck, as the restaurant will continue to operate under his direction until March 31.

“We have a great relationship with Wolfgang,” Williams told LAMag. “We’ve mutually decided to go a different way.” However, she emphasized, “We will absolutely not be closed.”

It hasn’t been decided who will take on the food and beverage operations, including the restaurant and bar, which could indicate the decision was unexpected. Williams, however, says that while the public may not have been aware of the coming split, it had been in the works for some time.

The manager of the restaurant, who declined to share her name, said the staff knew of the change at hand and that none of the employees of the 170-seat restaurant were afraid for their jobs. “We knew this was in the works and are prepared for the change,” she said. She and Williams both said that the restaurant had been successful under Puck, who could not be reached for comment.

Puck will keep his relationship with the Dorchester Collection, which owns Bel-Air Hotel. He will continue to operate CUT, one of his steak houses, at 45 Park Lane in London, the company said in a statement to LA Eater, which first broke the news. The Dorchester Collection owns nine five-star hotels, including the Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows.

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