Well Read

UCLA’s Powell Library 340 Royce Drive Westwood. Elapsed Time: 82 years

Photograph by Dustin Snipes

Squint as you walk along UCLA’s Royce Quad, and you might think you’re in Milan. Completed in 1929, the Romanesque main library (inset) was among the first four buildings to go up on the Westwood campus, which had been chosen over a site in Rancho Palos Verdes. Along with Royce Hall (the vantage point of this shot), it remains the most iconic. The library was designed by George Kelham. In 1953, Ray Bradbury famously wrote Fahrenheit 451 in the basement. The building later underwent a seismic renovation that required the temporary relocation of its 250,000 books and periodicals. Known as Powell Library (named after its longtime librarian), it reopened in 1996. Should an undergrad need inspiration when cramming for finals, there are plenty of copies of Bradbury’s novel to check out.