This Week in Contraband: A Bear Skull, Three Deer, a Baboon, and More


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), also known as the Smuggler’s Ultimate Killjoy, is humorless when it comes to illegally moving the stuffed carcasses of wild animals in to or out of a country. But hey, that’s their job—which is why they had to seize the below list of items from the Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport on July 23. Let this week’s contraband report be a lesson to all traveling taxidermists: get the export permits for your full-body baboon mounts in order before attempting to pack them in a suitcase.

The Contraband Report

Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport

Bear skull

-Full baboon mount

-Full lynx mount with a bird

-Full bobcat mount

-Three deer shoulder mounts

-Wildebeest shoulder mount

-Zebra shoulder mount

-African antelope shoulder mount

-African gazelle shoulder mount

-Goat shoulder mount

-Six pairs of deer antlers

-A pair of kudu horns

-A pair of impala horns

-Two smallmouth bass full mounts

-Alligator gar fish head mount