Sheriff Villanueva’s Latest Campaign is Against the L.A. Times

L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva says the newspaper is ”following in the footsteps of TMZ” in new social media ad

In his bid for reelection in June, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is again raging at the press for what some might say has been a very unhappy first term.

Villanueva’s new social media ad campaign features the image of a letter dated March 29 and addressed to the Editorial Board of the Los Angeles Times proclaiming, “#[email protected]!% YOUR ENDORSEMENT”

“I respectfully reject your invitation to participate in your editorial board’s endorsement process for sheriff,” Villanueva writes. “I defeated the incumbent four years ago without your endorsement, and I see no need to seek it for my reelection victory.”

He continues, “In the last three years, I have received fast-track lessons on the effects of deteriorating journalistic standards,” and goes on to say that the Times “is following in the footsteps of TMZ and focusing on clickbait stories with sensational headlines and the public suffers.”

Villanueva then goes on to offer “a list of stories you failed to cover simply because your political bosses tell you not to.”

The unwritten stories, Villanueva says, include his launching of a wage theft task force “to help workers recover $26 million of estimated wages stolen from them weekly in Los Angeles,” and the declaration of “zero tolerance for Asian hate crimes.”

Villanueva also states that he is “the first Sheriff ever to publicly admit the presence of deputy cliques (What the Times and White Marxists racist sly [sic] call gangs).


Times writer Alene Tchekmedyian, who shared Villanueva’s campaign ad on Twitter, noted Villanueva’s “$26 million” figure and remarked, “LASD’s wage theft task force lieutenant told me last week that it has secured just $450 in unpaid wages for workers since forming a year ago. He said they’ve done 14 investigations, 2 still pending”

As for the rest of what Villanueva claims are neglected topics at the Times, a spokeswoman for the paper said in a statement to Los Angeles Friday, “We don’t have a comment on the sheriff’s campaign advertisement. We can say that Sheriff Villanueva’s claims that the Los Angeles Times is attempting to sabotage his campaign are false. The Times stands behind its reporting on the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.”

The Times mentioned in a Friday editorial that it happened to receive its own copy of the endorsement declination from Villanueva “during our interview with him at 9 a.m., conducted via Zoom, as part of our endorsement process for the June election.”

The editorial is titled “The Villanueva saga just gets odder and more destructive.”

The Sheriff’s Department advised us to contact Villanueva’s campaign, which did not return a request for comment.

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