Watch Sarah Cooper ‘Lip-Synch’ to Trump at the DNC

The TikTok comedian will appear tonight in support of the Democratic ticket

Sarah Cooper will appear at the DNC on tonight’s program. The comedian who has grown a devoted following for her TikTok videos in which she imitates Donald Trump, will pop up to skewer the president and provide some laughs.

In a preview of her DNC remarks, she “lip-synchs” Trump talking about mail-in ballots.

While her appearance will be some comic relief in what’s otherwise likely to be a heavy, emotional night of the program, with family tributes to Joe Biden’s late son Beau and speeches about the grave challenges facing the country, Cooper plans to spend part of her on-screen time getting a bit more serious. She’s expected to deliver a message to Americans about resisting Trump’s misinformation campaigns and attacks on facts.

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