A Botched Robbery Outside the Home of Fashion Nova’s CEO Leaves One Dead

Gunfire rang through the affluent Bird Streets early Friday morning

There’s a fog upon L.A.

Gunfire erupted early this morning on Blue Jay Way, the Hollywood street made famous by the Beatles song of the same name. Shots rang out just after 2 a.m. on Friday in the meandering Bird Streets perched above the Sunset Strip. The scene unfolded outside the multimillion-dollar home of Richard Saghian, CEO and founder of Fashion Nova, the popular club wear fashion company and highly coveted Cardi B collaborator.

In what authorities are deeming an attempted robbery, a silver Audi ferrying three men reportedly began tailing a Rolls Royce containing another three men, including Saghian. After arriving at his home, Saghian appeared to enter without incident, but shortly thereafter the three subjects emerged from the car and ordered Saghian’s two other passengers to the pavement. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the men took jewelry from the passengers before an armed security guard entered the scene. While it’s unclear who shot first, the guard and the thieves exchanged fire; neighbors describe hearing at least ten shots.

According to police, the men fled after shooting the guard in the stomach. Authorities say the guard wounded two of the suspects, one of them critically. By the time police apprehended the car (which had a flat tire, presumably due to a stray bullet) near Beverly Hills, the critically injured suspect had already died.

The security guard was reportedly found seeking shelter under a nearby Range Rover and has since been hospitalized, along with the other wounded suspect. The third man in the Audi was reportedly uninjured.

It’s still unclear whether Saghian was specifically targeted or if the attempted robbers were simply allured by the Rolls Royce winding its way up into the affluent hills. Authorities are also looking to piece together an apparent string of similar incidents in the area.

In the words of George Harrison on “Blue Jay Way”: “Ask a policeman on the street / There’s so many there to meet.”

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