Rejected By Half the Proud Boys, Founder Gavin McInnes Faces Civil War

Ever since Proud Boys father Gavin McInnes faked an arrest by the Feds, many of his furious spawn no longer want anything to do with him

According to estimates by Proud Boys and Vice founder Gavin McInnes, roughly one-in-two members of the alt-right, all-male group he birthed as a goof some years ago can no longer stand the sight of him. The love between McInnes and some of his cranky seed began dying in earnest when he faked his arrest by federal goons this summer in a prank no one on earth seems to have found amusing, aside from media types who rather savored watching the whole mess play out.

The mishegoss got rolling in late August, when McInnes pretended that off-camera law enforcement agents had interrupted a live broadcast of his Get Off My Lawn podcast and taken him away. In reality, McGinnes had taken his family on a fabulous vacation to such soy destinations as the the south of France, as LAMag was alone in reporting.

It was assumed by many fans and detractors alike that McInnes was a guest of the Feds because, when Proud Boys do get taken in, it’s most famously on federal charges related to the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capital. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what so many of his offspring-brethren hated most about the stunt, that McInnes seemed to diminish the serious legal plight of fellow Proud Boys.

When he first returned to the show on September 6, McInnes calculated that his approval rating with Proud Boys “was like 80 percent ‘Fuck Gavin McInnes.’” However, when he got up close and IRL with his bro-pack at the right-wing WestFest convention in Las Vegas days later, he was forced to reassess those figures.

“I was at WestFest visiting Proud Boys, who are not a fan of the G anymore,” McInnes recently shared on his podcast. “So that’s fucking weird.”

McInnes said there “seems to be a split” among the hang-down participants and that, “My goal for this WestFest was to try and unite the two.”

He explained, “One half is okay with me, the other half is really pissed off about the prank, and other things, I guess, and they don’t like me.”

McInnes—who never did apologize for the stunt but repeatedly defended it as “my art”—continued by saying that that although this was his sixth pilgrimage to the boozy bonding event, the vibe he received post-prank was, “Oh, no one’s looking? Okay. Alright.”

It grew less comfortable still. “And then I look over at one guy and he’s just holding his beer going [gives a hard stare], and he goes, ‘This is my town.'”

It got chillier. “He goes, ‘Who let you in?’ I was like, ‘Wow.’ And then I just walked around and [laughing] dudes were just like turning their backs on me and shit… So I was like, ‘I guess I’ll go.’ I guess I’m not going to WestFest anymore.”

Then things simply went weird. As The Daily Beast reports, the Boys are dividing into opposing sides in some kind of half-assed, ultra-conservative salami civil war.

Although the leaders and every last cringing minion on either side of this sad new Mason-Dixon no doubt imagines themselves as Otter giving his “The United States America!” speech in Animal House, the splinter groups are calling themselves “Standard” and “National” and gods know who’s who.

It is no simple task to parse the differences between these tribes. For starters, according to each, it is the other side which harbors men who sexually abuse children.

“Both sides say that the other side is racist and tolerates pedophiles,” McInnes said.

The split dates back to revelations that onetime Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was a frequent and fabulous government snitch. The ones who oppose Tarrio say they are adhering to “standard” behavior, rather than any central leadership. They apparently ban “snitches” and “sex criminals” although the National contingent is, again, trading dueling accusations with the faction that they, not them, are the safe place for child sex abusers.

It remains to be seen if this marks the beginning of the end of the basement social club, or merely the start of many freakish offshoots.

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