RD Home: Revolutionizing Online Shopping with Luxury Home Furniture


Furniture is never a simple commodity. Luxury furniture, in particular, is a mixture of design and purpose that makes the best pieces nothing less than functional works of art, as well as a reflection of their owners’ personal style. Finding that perfect piece, the one that matches expectations in the quality of craft, the beauty of the design, and personal preferences, can sometimes be quite a task.

RD Home wants to change that. The company has ushered a new era in a world of luxury home furniture and interior design by taking a fresh and innovative approach to furniture retail. Lindsey Albracht, CEO of RD Home, has set out to “Reimagine Discovery” across customers’ online shopping journey for furniture and home goods.

Albracht and her business partner, Kodiac Gamble, have brought their extensive experience in the eCommerce world to their new venture, RD Home. With a combined background of over a decade working with Amazon sellers, they’ve created a unique online presence for the home niche. The days of spending endless hours looking for the perfect piece of furniture online are over. Their brand connects directly with exclusive manufacturers to host a curated selection of only their greatest products.

“We’re reimagining discovery for the furniture and home goods online shopping experience,” says Albracht. With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality assurance, RD Home is constantly expanding its selection of goods, bringing consumers the best in home furnishings with the latest design trends. Styles range from contemporary to ultra-modern, and everything in between—industrial, traditional and modern farmhouse tastes alike.

Unlike other online retailers, RD Home is highly selective with the products they feature on their website, ensuring that each item meets premium standards for quality, functionality, and aesthetic style. “If we wouldn’t want it in our home, why would we ask others to have it in theirs?” Albracht explains. RD Home is dedicated to providing luxury without the exorbitant price tag, offering customers the opportunity to create their perfect space with high-quality products.

In addition to their website, RD Home is also working to launch their very first exclusive line of products on Amazon. The team plans to start their Amazon journey with a collection of furniture named “RD Essentials”, an effortless looking curated group of products crafted from sustainably sourced beautiful pine wood. It took over two years for RD Home to curate a partnership with manufacturers who construct furniture with non-toxic organic materials, free of harmful chemicals and substances that destroy our indoor and outdoor environments. Their rigorous testing process exceeds traditional market standards, ensuring each item is UL Greenguard certified for low chemical emissions output—saving the environment and protecting your home from volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

With a visionary CEO, a world-class team of eCommerce and design experts, and a commitment to quality and innovation, RD Home is set to revolutionize the luxury home furniture category. Thanks to its willingness to go the extra mile in picking only the best pieces of furniture to feature in the store, as well as Albracht’s uncanny ability to spot trends the moment they start emerging, RD Home is perfectly positioned as its customers’ ally in finding that perfect piece of furniture. As the company continues to expand its online presence, there’s no doubt that RD Home will make a lasting impact on the world of luxury home furnishing and design.