Ralph Lauren Announces First-Ever West Coast Runway Show

The brand’s tweedy Americana is set to debut in the home of the cowboys when it lands in California on Oct. 13

Ralph Lauren has revealed the mystery locale of its spring/summer 2023 runway show will follow a recent trend and be here on the West Coast—a first for the iconic brand.

On Oct. 13, the brand’s tweedy Americana is set to debut in the home of the cowboys (well, cowboy movies), it was announced this week. The date is now included on the official New York Fashion Week schedule, where a timetable of the closely-watched shows has been online for about a month—sans Ralph Lauren’s until Thursday’s reveal. 

“This will be Ralph Lauren’s first-ever show on the West Coast. The designer will present both menswear and womenswear in a special fashion experience that will be uniquely Ralph Lauren,” the company’s statement reads.

That’s right, a major show of both womenswear and fine menswear. This is sure to bring out Hollywood’s more fashionable A-list gents, such as Jon Hamm, Chris Pine, or Brad Pitt, and other of our of-the-moment male fashion plates.

Lauren’s decision to make his West Coast show debut is pretty of the moment, too. While the major luxury brands are often skipping New York or Europe on the traditional fall runway trail, the West Coast is now, it seems, finding its way into the mix.

Just this spring, Los Angeles saw a Christian Dior men’s show, in Venice Beach. Then Southern California saw a Louis Vuitton resort/holiday show, in San Diego in May. And why not? What gets them more press—and more sales—than an Insta-worthy background and pack of celebs in the front row?

Lauren’s inspirations have traditionally pulled the moods of English garden parties, Montauk ease, and Colorado cool over Hollywood hippie. However, we expect some California casual will slip into this collection, it being a spring-summer show.

And while the brand’s clothes are more classic and tailored and less trendy, Ralph Lauren shows have traditionally had lots of glamor. For example, for its 50th-anniversary show, in 2018, the iconic designer held a dinner at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, with Janelle Monae singing. Then his fall 2022 collection was shown at the Museum of Modern Art, with a set design inspired by Lauren’s own home.

For now, we Angelenos, and the rest of the fashion world, will have to wait and see where, precisely, Lauren will debut this collection.

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