Prime Finds: About Face

Weaving fashion elements with high-tech, watchmakers set out to woo female collectors

When cell phones came along, watches appeared to be headed for obsolescence. But instead of acquiring antique status, they took on the role of playthings among fashion accessories. This season timepieces are more complex, offering a range of experiences from nostalgia trip to high-fashion triumph. Hankering for the ’80s? American Apparel has just introduced deadstock pieces from Swatch, Seiko, and Citizen, while Casio has enlisted Ke$ha to hawk a revamped version of its “G-Shock.” For the couture set, it’s rose gold and the hefty boyfriend watch that says, “Take me seriously.” Fendi’s “Chameleon” and Baume & Mercier’s “Linea” have interchangeable straps in materials such as alligator embossed leather, which hew to seasonal shades like burgundy and graphite. A growing number of women are treating watches as investments. The collectible Dior VIII Grand Bal “Plume” features a visible Swiss movement of feather plumes; Bulgari’s “Serpenti” encases the same precision in enamel and precious stones on a snaking metal strap. Both are poised to hold their value while making a time-stopping statement.


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