My LA to Z: Moby

Moby rocks!



The Museum of Jurassic Technology

My favorite place to celebrate special occasions, like for example my birthday, is the Museum of Jurassic Technology. I have an ex-girlfriend who lived in Culver City and one day we were driving by the museum and she made a point of telling me that it’s the most remarkable place in all of Los Angeles. I finally went there and agreed with her. It’s my favorite place in L.A.

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Spice Station

They’re not really allowed to serve hot tea but it’s my favorite place to buy loose leaf tea. I love cheap Lipton tea that you get in the airport but I also love really obscure tea that you could only buy probably in the mountains of Taiwan. At Spice Station my favorite is any of the white teas that they have. I can get really pedantic about and how they’re produced, but of all the different types, white teas are my favorite.

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Rampart Village

I have my weird architecture blog and of all the places I’ve been to take pictures, oddly enough this weird area, this no man’s land right where East Hollywood turns into Silver Lake is my favorite. I was shown it by some people from the Museum of Design and Architecture and it really is, architecturally, one of the oddest places in L.A. It’s completely uncohesive and there’s a bigger collection of strange buildings there than any other place in Los Angeles.




The Trails Cafe

I think it’s one of the prettiest, most bucolic places in L.A. A lot of times when people come to L.A. for the first time they have this movie- and TV-inspired idea of what Los Angeles is, and I rarely if ever experience that side of L.A. For me, Trails represents a part of L.A. that I live in and spend time in. It’s a lot more humble and cute.

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Beachwood Canyon

My house is in Beachwood Canyon, so I go hiking almost every day. I used to do a once-a-week, longish hike up to behind the Hollywood Sign, but the access road got washed out. Now I usually hike around the lake or around the neighborhood.



Café Gratitude

I have one routine that I like: whenever I have to go to the airport, I go to Café Gratitude, because it’s a straight shot from my house to there and then on to the airport. I get a veggie burger and I bring it to the airport. I eat it at LAX and it makes LAX a little easier to bear.

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The Remnants of the Krotona Society

My favorite discovery since I’ve moved here is the remnants of the Krotona Society. Charlie Chaplin was part of it and they were early 20th century spiritualist pioneers who colonized part of the Hollywood dell and Beachwood Canyon. They built these amazing houses and lodges and a guest house-like dormitory area. Most of the houses are still standing and they’re really beautiful.

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Upright Citizens Brigade

I go there as often as possible just because it’s close to home. It’s fantastically hit-or-miss. I’ve seen some things there that are jaw-droppingly good and other things that are not jaw-droppingly good. Usually I’ve bought tickets in advance, but I have had to wait in that endless line that snakes down Franklin.

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