Made in L.A.: Clutch Plays

When it comes to sustainable leather purses, Los Angeles designers have it in the bag

Photograph by Juco

Pictured, from left to right:

Beth Springer
“Handbags handmade in Venice, California,” brags designer Beth Springer. Since 2001, she’s been turning out her line of chic purses, fashioned with by-product leather (which was otherwise headed for a landfill), vegetable dyes, and 100 percent organic linings. “The ocean, farmers’ markets, and yoga community are a huge source of inspiration,” she says. Beth Springer, $145. Also, at far right: $145.

Clare Vivier
In just five years Clare Vivier’s handbag company has grown large enough to employ 50 factory workers—“and we know them, their names, their families,” says Vivier. “We’re creating jobs and bettering our own economy instead of some faraway place.” Clare Vivier, $184. 

R.B. of MCD
“Being a third-generation Angeleno, I have a strong sense of pride in my city, and it was mandatory that Los Angeles be a part of the brand,” says creative director John McDavid Lehman. The rich leather bags, which have gold hardware and hand-painted logos, are made downtown. R.B. of MCD, $280. 

Marie Turnor
Marie Turnor is designer Beth Goodman’s alter ego. Goodman counts everyday objects, like paper bags and envelopes, as her muses along with L.A.’s architecture. “I am in love with Spanish-Moorish styles,” she says. “They’re mysterious and romantic.” Marie Turnor, $185. 


Dress: Elkin
Sisters Kara and Brit Smith were born and raised in L.A. Their Catholic school upbringing informs their Lolita aesthetic, while the most recent collection experiments with a sci-fi sensibility. Elkin, $345. 

Nail Polish: NCLA 
The L.A. company, which was founded last year, has quickly gained a following among the fashion set. It features a line inspired by Saint Laurent Paris (formerly YSL). NCLA, $16.