LAPD Serves Warrants in Search of City Hall Race Scandal Snitch

Meanwhile, protesters once again interrupted a City Council meeting,to call for Councilmen De Le贸n and Gil Cedillo to resign already

The Los Angeles Police Department served several search warrants as part of its investigation into who secretly recorded that racist conversation between three L.A. City Council members and a labor leader that was later leaked leading to resignations by some, and a furious demands that the two councilmen still clinging to their positions just call it quits already.

Cops served the warrants in hopes of finding out who recorded the meeting of the bigoted minds, and whether it was recorded illegally, ABC7 reports, as California law requires the permission of all parties for a conversation to being recorded legally.

During the hour-long chat鈥攚hich took place in October 2021 at the L.A. County Federation of Labor between its then-president, Ron Herrera, then-Council President Nury Martinez, and Councilmen Kevin de Le贸n and Gil Cedillo. Lowlight include Martinez saying that white Councilman Mike Bonin treated his young Black son like an 鈥渁ccessory鈥 and described him as a 鈥渃hanguito,鈥 or 鈥渕onkey.鈥

Councilman Kevin de Le贸n responded by comparing the way Bonin interacted with the boy to 鈥渨hen Nury brings her little yard bag or the Louis Vuitton bag.鈥 Martinez responded to De Leon calling the child a handbag by saying, 鈥淪u negrito, like on the side,鈥 using a Spanish diminutive term for a Black person that can be considered degrading.

The L.A. County Federation of Labor, for its part, is peeved that the racist sewing circle was caught on tape, saying that the recording and the leak were illegal and that it intends to litigious.

One of the search warrants 鈥渉as been initiated to [social media website] Reddit in order to identify the person responsible for posting the recording,鈥 the LAPD said in a statement. Reddit is the platform where the racist audio was first leaked, before being removed from the the site.

The LAPD also said it obtained warrants for 鈥渟everal social media accounts,鈥 according to the Los Angeles Times.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore declared the investigation last month after those involved in the conversation approached the police themselves and requested an investigation 鈥渋nto the illegal recording of their private conversation,鈥 the Times reports. De Le贸n鈥檚 spokesman later said that he did not ask for an investigation.

Meanwhile, at Tuesday鈥檚 City Council meeting, protesters caused chaos once again, with demonstrators demanding that De Le贸n and Gil Cedillo resign. The two members have not stepped down despite public calls for him to do so. Emotions ran high as new City Council President Paul Krekorian commanded the protestors to leave the meeting.

鈥淢r. Cedillo and Mr. De Le贸n, both of you have irreparably destroyed and betrayed the trust between you and your voters, the voters and constituents in your district,鈥 Pastor J. Edgar Boyd of First AME Church said later at a news conference. 鈥淵ou have shamed your constituents. You have shamed the city of Los Angeles.鈥

When news of the leak initially broke, Cedillo went full worm, telling the Times, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 have a recollection of this conversation.鈥

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