Are you the trendsetter on your block?

Did you notice after you pulled up in the first Tesla in your neighborhood, your street subsequently looked like a Tesla parking lot?

After you built the 1st ADU Modular home, suddenly backyards were filled with prefab guest houses?!

Now, get ready to easily reign sovereign and be the ultimate talk of the town as you’re going to amaze and entertain like never before! Neighbors, friends, family, coworkers and basically everyone you know will be showing up on your doorstep to experience the ultimate immersive entertainment watching experience as KoKast is going to take your family to travel destinations, sporting events, concerts, movie theatres, and anywhere possible all without leaving the living room!

“Instead of improving a certain technical area of home entertainment we challenged how entertainment should be perceived fundamentally.” Thore Weber (CEO – North America)

So what is KoKast? KoKast delivers the Ultimate Immersive Home Entertainment Experience where you will immerse yourself into a new world for Concerts, Gaming, Movies, Sports and more bringing your viewing experience to life. Imagine being at the event without leaving your seat; it’s electric and brings the atmosphere to you. Get ready and buckle up as you’re going to go on the ultimate viewing journey as your family will never want to leave the house again.

With 6k resolution combined with 180-degree field of view, KoKast delivers an unparalled experience for home entertainment.  With traditional home theater systems ranging from a small $500 TV on the low end to Jeremy Kipnis’s private $6 million home theater system on the high end, KoKast has created an incredible Home Theatre System that combines all the elements of the latter such as highest resolution, improved color brightness, more lumens, and a surround system that makes you feel like you are right there in the jungle or rainstorm and has it made possible for the entire family to watch their own programming together while creating a tremendous entertainment experience for the content that they are displaying.

“How we perceive home entertainment is about to change entirely and KoKast is leading that transformation.”

Introducing The Nebula Class

To start, KoKast has developed different features of their first product line: The Nebula Class. The product features Triple Mode, Cinematic Mode, Immersive Mode, and a brand-new future inspired “swipe tech control pad”.

Triple Mode enables the user to have enjoy three types of content at the same time, while seamlessly switching audio from one type of content to the next. Imagine using the first section of the screen to play the morning cartoons for your toddler (on speaker), while you listen to the news (on your Bluetooth headset) displayed on the second section of the screen and tackle your morning emails on the third section of the screen. Watch three sports games simultaneously, just switching audio to the desired game. The business and office applications are obviously also tremendous and provide increased effectiveness while removing harmful blue light exposure to your eyes.

Cinematic Mode will display your movies in the directors intended format without creating black bars at the top and bottom of the screen to accommodate the format. This will truly transform your pod into the home theater our customers deserve without limiting their utilization of their generously dedicated space to one purpose.

Immersive Mode is at the very core of their product. In this mode our customers can experience the fullest extent of how we have redefined immersive entertainment. Imagine 180-degree screen that encapsulates your entire field of view. And with their library of custom content, you will be able to enjoy a yoga session on the beach in Haiti, mountain bike through the Himalaya, or hike through the Amazonian rainforest. This is also the place where immersive gaming becomes entirely redefined. Games on our system offer an unparalleled feeling of presence and immersion in the game you are playing. Last, but not least, this is where our concerts come to life. Combined with the full KLIPSH surround sound system and our custom laser & light show it will feel as if you are right there, front stage at the concert of your choice.

“We want people to feel like they just experienced a massive live concert from their home. The goal needs to be for every customer to say: “Wow, what an awesome experience!”.”

LOVE LIVE MUSIC?  WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED.  One of the features of KoKast is the ability to experience concerts in brand new ways.

Enter your KoKast Pod when the show goes LIVE from anywhere around the world, pour yourself a drink, and be ready to rock like never before.  The KoKast LIVE Concert experience is truly game changing and takes you into the show.

Enjoy the Artist close-up, enjoy the Lights & Special Effects, and experience LIVE Music in your own Entertainment world.

“KoKast is the future of home entertainment, think VR without the Headset!”

#1 GAMING EXPERIENCE ON THE PLANET – With the rise of gaming in 2020+2021, Kokast has you covered for all your competing needs.  Jump online with your friends as a trio to play Call of Duty:  Warzone, with the ability for each player to have one section of the screen to themselves. Or invite your family to Mario Kart on the big screen, providing the ultimate immersive entertainment experience.

“Surround sound has been done before, but never like this.”


It wouldn’t be a truly immersive experience without a state-of-the-art sound system to match.  All controlled from your Touch Pad the KoKast Pod integrates sound & visual effects like never before.

When watching live concerts, you’ll feel the rumble from every bass drop and hear the crowd as if you’re standing in the middle of the crowd, watching your favorite artist live. KoKast has built the sound system to truly reflect the immersive experience.

Surround sound has been done before, but never like this.  The high-end KLIPSCH sound system features 15 integrated speakers and a subwoofer that you can feel in your bones. Brace yourself for when that base drops!

“The KoKast Swipe Tech Control Pad takes this whole system to the next stage.”

TOUCH PAD CONTROL SWIPE CONTENT TO YOUR BIG SCREEN.  Inspired by all sci-fi movies, you will be able to swipe your desired input onto the desired screen. Our interface was intentionally designed to be so streamlined that a six-year-old can navigate it. Allowing users to seamlessly switch between the different modes, select inputs, adjust volume levels, control temperature setting, light settings and many more features all from a singular iPad application. With KoKast, all future Technology Upgrades are managed through the Software & Touch Screen Ipad.  So your investment won’t become redundant in the future as you can always access new technology for Immersive Experience now with KoKast.

“What we are trying to do is not to dictate what people are to do with our system, we’re providing you with the tools and then you use it how you want to use it.” – Thor Weber (CEO – North America)

FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE INSIDE & OUT.  It’s Your Choice! Watch whatever you want on your huge, immersive screen.  Customize it so that you can watch sports, play games or kick back and enjoy a movie.  Your KoKast, Your Choice.

Choice of reclining chairs of sofa inside your KoKast pod, meaning that you can relax in your own style.

Your Pod can even include its own Xbox/Playstation, Roku stick & more – meaning that you really can have your Pod installed and ready from the word to go.

A choice of exterior colors means that you can truly create your own pod to match your desires.  The possibilities are endless.

Inside your Pod, you can customize how it looks – whether you want it to be completely sleek for your Zoom meetings or “out there” for your social parties, it’s your choice!

KoKast Showroom at the Westfield Century City Mall



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