Hollywood Power Brokers Are Rallying to Keep a Dem in Katie Hill’s Seat

A high-profile fundraiser is reportedly being organized for their pick: Assemblywoman Christy Smith

The same entertainment industry types who were instrumental in helping Congresswoman Katie Hill flip California’s red-leaning 25th District last year are wasting no time in their efforts to keep seat in Democratic hands after Hill, the nation’s only openly bisexual representative, resigned last week amid the allegation that she’d breached ethics rules by having an affair with a staffer.

Within days of Hill’s resignation announcement, industry insiders anointed Assemblywoman Christy Smith—whose 38th Assembly District overlaps much of CA-25—as Hill’s would be replacement, and they’re in a hurry to put their money where their mouths are. On November 10, Christy Callahan and her husband, MGM president John Glickman, will be hosting a fundraiser for Smith at their home in Hancock Park, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The Glickman/Callahan place was also the scene of several fundraisers for Hill.

“We all may be brokenhearted about Katie Hill, but we need to move on and protect this seat,” Callahan said.

Hill, who has implied that her “abusive” estranged husband is the source of nude photos leaked to conservative sites, told congress in her final address last Thursday that the right-wing media’s effort to take her down was “the dirtiest gutter politics I have ever seen.” Her supporters agree, and add that it’s all the more reason to keep the seat out of Republican control.

“I knew right away this was a devastating attack,” says longtime entertainment publicist Steve Elzer, who lives in the district. “District 25 still bleeds pretty red. This was a vile and ugly but effective partisan smear and it’s a shame. Katie was a congresswoman who was doing exactly what we sent her to Washington to do. And her profoundly poor personal judgment aside, she’s a victim here.”

Hill’s departure is chum in the water for GOP operatives looking to reclaim lost ground. Former Trump “coffee boy” and convicted felon George Papadopoulos—who only moved to L.A. last December after serving time for lying to the Feds about his Russian connections—literally said as much when he announced last week that he’s vying for Hill’s seat. At the moment, his campaign website has a donations feature, but nothing else.

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