How Jelly Cakes Became One of the Most Instafamous Treats

Move over, Sweet Lady Jane. This unique creation from former fashion designer Lexie Park even ended up on Olivia Rodrigo’s album cover

About a year ago, Lexie Park made one of her Instagram-famous jelly cakes for a customer who wished to remain anonymous. Months later, Park saw who the cake was for: her creation—a wobbly, translucent periwinkle confection with letters spelling out “Sour”—ended up on the special-edition album cover for Olivia Rodrigo’s platinum debut Sour.

Park, a 32-year-old former fashion designer, started selling jelly cakes in 2020 under the name Nünchi. She now makes about 50 cakes per week, releasing reservations at the beginning of each month on Instagram. The gelatin-based treats, which start at $105 for a six-inch mini and come in various fruity flavors, sell out in a few hours for the entire month ahead. “It’s almost like this prized possession. Like ‘Oh, my gosh, I got a Nünchi cake!’ ” says Park.

Many cakes are for celebrity clients. Designer Kelly Wearstler had one for a recent birthday, as did Rodrigo, comedian Jordan Firstman, and Instagram avatar Lil Miquela. Ariana Grande got a Nünchi cake to fete her upcoming role in Wicked, while Kaia Gerber celebrated her starring gig in a short film with several of the desserts. The cakes also appeared at the Super Bowl, with the Weeknd, and in a music video for Justin Bieber protégé Eddie Benjamin.

“Every week, I feel like there’s a VIP client,” says Park. She’s not one to be starstruck but says, “I would be excited if Oprah got a cake from me. I’m waiting for that.”

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