USC Was Warned About George Tyndall, the Gynecologist Accused of Predatory Behavior

Experts told the school he showed “signs of psychopathy”

USC administrators were told by a team of medical experts that campus gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall could be preying on vulnerable students and showed signs of “psychopathy”–but they didn’t fire him or notify authorities, the Los Angeles Times reports.

According to a confidential report obtained by the Times, USC hired consulting firm MDReview to investigate Tyndall “after decades of complaints” from students and colleagues. The report, now evidence in a class action lawsuit filed by former patients of Tyndall, contains some bombshell allegations.

The report says that, in 2016, the school was told that Tyndall seemed to specifically target international students from Asian countries, perhaps due to the students’ more limited language skills and lack of familiarity with American gynecology, which would put them at particular risk for victimization.

Still, University officials, “did not fire Tyndall or notify the state medical board,” the Times reports. “Instead, lawyers for USC arranged a secret deal with the doctor that allowed him to leave his post with a substantial financial payout and a pristine professional record.”

Complaints go back at least as far as 1996, when one student wrote on a comment card, “If you don’t want a huge future lawsuit on your hands, I highly suggest the termination of this man.”

In the early 2000s, medical “chaperones,” who monitor procedures to ensure professional conduct, complained that Tyndall was blocking their view of pelvic exams. “In 2009, a student complained that Tyndall had complimented her pubic hair, and the next year, an alumna contacted the clinic and alleged that the gynecologist had conducted a pelvic exam six years earlier without wearing a glove.”

The judge in the class action suit is deciding whether or not to approve a proposed $250 million settlement. Tyndall—who faces more than 650 lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct, and is the subject of a grand jury investigation—maintains his innocence.

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