FAA Asked the Public if Airline Seats Should Get Even Smaller—Guess the Response

The FAA asked the public if flights should get even worse, and have been told to stow that idea in the convenient compartment of its choice

Airplane seats could be getting smaller, if that’s even possible.

The Federal Aviation Administration is mulling over new safety standards on airplanes, and that could include restricting seat sizes for already-squeezed fliers. The agency is also asking for the public’s opinion on the matter, and is giving high-flying proles until November 1 to weigh in online.

There have been more than 13,000 comments since August 3, according to Fox Business.

“When talking to travelers on airplanes the number one complaint I get is how cramped the seats are,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who rejects the FAA’s plan, told the New York Post. Specifically, the Sen. said people object to, “How you can’t fit yourself and anything in them and how your knees bump up.”

Schumer’s secret?

“If fact, what I do—I take out the brochures and the booklets that the airlines have out of that little seat pocket because it gives me a quarter-inch more room for my knees. So cramped seats are a huge problem for travelers and the seats are shrinking.”

And what does the public have to say so far? From the forum:

Roger addressed the question squarely, touching on both safety and seat size.

“As a long time flyer with almost 3 million miles on Delta alone, I have been concerned for years about the impact of shrinking seat sizes and the space between rows of seats on emergency evacuation. I don’t believe the carefully staged evacuation tests with atypical participants is a good indicator of what is likely to happen in an actual airline emergency evacuation. I encourage the FAA to do a critical evaluation of this issue.”

An anonymous commenter confessed that she is tired of, well, larger-sized people encroaching on their personal airplane space: “As a normal sized senior, I am tired of heavier people spilling over into my seat,” they wrote.

Another user blamed capitalism. “The seats are ridiculously small for the standard American. You all want to be such a capitalistic society and fatten us all up with butter and cream and salt and then wonder why we can’t fit in the seats!” (Yes, your lard-ass is because capitalism.)

After getting input from the public, the FAA could design new dimensions depending on the feedback it receives.

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