A Peek Inside This Is Los Angeles, Estevan’s Oriol’s Latest Photo Chronicle of L.A.

Latino counterculture to mainstream celeb culture, all through Oriol’s lens

“L.A. is part of my DNA,” photographer Estevan Oriol told us in an interview last March. “There’s a certain energy here I haven’t felt anywhere else.”


For more than 25 years, the Los Angeles native—he was born at St. John’s hospital in Santa Monica—has captured L.A.’s dual nature, its street culture and its celebrity culture, straddling the two worlds in a way only someone with an innate understanding of the city (and the right access) could. His new book, This Is Los Angeles, juxtaposes the two worlds, creating a seamless chronicle of life in L.A., from gang life to the high life and the places where the two meet.

The book, his third (he previously released L.A. Women and L.A. Portraits) is out now from Drago Publishing. Here’s a glimpse of Los Angeles through Oriol’s eyes.

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