Entering the Void at AlienCon 2023

As the country’s favorite convention on intergalactic mischief came to Pasadena, LAMag couldn’t help but hear what attendees had to say about space, extraterrestrials and hybridization

When LAMag heard that AlienCon—an entire convention dedicated to the universe’s unexplained mysteries—was headed to the Pasadena Convention Center over the weekend, we just had to investigate.

The convention center was dotted with all things extraterrestrial, as attendees strutted through the space in alien head masks, vendors shuffled out books and comics, and “moon rocks”—tater tots with delectable toppings—were served.

Three young men attend AlienCon 2023 as “Men In Black” on March 4, 2023. (Photo Courtesy of A+E Networks)

Between psychics and brightly-colored, out-of-this-world ornaments, representatives of organizations ranging from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization to the Ministry of Quantum Existentialism manned information booths on their ever-alluring specialties.

This here is precisely what we came to probe.

Amid the enjoyment of solidarity and conversation with like-minded alien aficionados, an uneasiness hummed about the center. With reporting that the Pentagon received hundreds of new reports of UFOs in 2022, some attendees were understandably on their heels this year.

The truth is out there, as they say, and at the convention, we heard some of the more classic theories about extraterrestrial life—starting with one that dates back to 1969. 

The Moon Landing Was Staged

One of the few photographs of Neil Armstrong on the moon shows him working on his space craft on the lunar surface. (Photo by NASA/Newsmakers)

Ah, the classic theory that makes Neil Armstrong roll in his grave: According to Dawayne, a vendor at the event who runs a Seattle-based Bigfoot investigation group, humankind never made a giant leap, let alone a step on the moon.

“Well, all the information comes from one place, and that’s NASA. They’ve put out enough information to disprove it as to prove it,” he said.

Nevertheless, his optimism is steady—Dawayne thinks mankind will make it to the moon within the next five years—more than a half-century after what he says was the famed staging.

“With the private industry now [trying to go to space] instead of the government, I believe we can do it,” he told us.

But his words were much tamer as compared to some of the other attendees with whom we spoke this weekend. A frequent subject that came up was alien travel—if their species really do exist, do they gallop from galaxy to galaxy in metal saucers like Hollywood suggests?

UFOs Travel Through Other Dimensions or “The Astral Plane”

Curious citizens turned out by the hundreds to scan the night sky for UFOS on March 21, 1966, in Dexter, Michigan. (Photo by Getty Images)

This theory is a bit tricky. According to Rocky Angel, who was at the event to broaden his interest in the paranormal, there are 13 dimensions that exist within the universe.

As he says, humans are located within the third dimension and our alien counterparts come from dimensions 4-13.

Tyler, a member of the aforementioned Ministry, contests this point, stating that his organization believes they travel by the astral plane: a purported plane where spirits go after death and before reaching the afterlife.

“We’re teaching people astral projection and hope to make contact,” he said. “Using that to contact aliens—given that they would travel through astral planes—makes more sense than to be traveling with a physical spaceship because it would be way harder to travel.”

Naturally, some would rather avoid contact with extraterrestrials altogether. Kristina, a member of Allies of Humanity, claims on their website that they are “being presented to prepare people for a whole new reality that is largely hidden and unrecognized in the world today.”

Kristina says she believes aliens are already sitting quite comfortably on Earth.

Aliens Are Practicing “Hybridization”

Hybridization is often mentioned in the History Channel’s hit series, Ancient Aliens. It’s believed to be a result of an operation by aliens, in which they use our DNA to create hybrid humans and walk among us—I know, far out.

“It’s an alien-human hybrid, who’s going to be looking like you and me—this is already happening in the world,” Kristina said. “They [aliens] have to adapt… most of them are not able to breathe in our atmosphere and maybe grew up in a sterilized environment.”

In the end, the event left us puzzled, but contemplative. With the observable universe approximately 93 billion light-years in diameter, the possibilities truly are endless.

For now, we’ll stay on the side of reality.

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