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The Fabelmans

Spielberg’s Coming-of-Age ‘The Fabelmans’ Is an Ode to Movies—and His Mom

Michelle Williams shines, but keep an eye on rising star Gabriel LaBelle as young Sammy Fabelman, not to mention Judd Hirsch
Homelessness In Los Angeles Jumps 20 Percent From 2016 Numbers

Los Angeles General Hospital to Become Homeless Housing

Proponents say the $250M project is a big step in addressing L.A. homelessness, while giving themselves years to show results

Fentanyl Deaths Have Risen 1,208 Percent in L.A. Since 2016

White males with money make up most of the fentanyl deaths in L.A., but the numbers are more complicated than that
UC strike day 2 los angeles

Daily Brief: 1000s of UC Academics Continue to Strike; Will Smith Says He Must...

Also, Harvey Weinstein’s team began his defense on rape charges in L.A. by announcing the former producer will not take the stand

Finals Week Panic Hits UC Hard as 1000s of Academics Continue to Strike

As the end of semester looms, University of California students worry about finishing without their teaching assistants