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Beverly Hills Mayor Denounces Hateful Flyers Aimed at Armenians

Dozens of the messages were found hung in Beverly Hills over the weekend

Our Exclusive Guide to February’s Can’t-Miss Cultural Fare

From a mind-blowing Bob Marley retrospective to the L.A. Art Fair to Salman Rushdie’s Revenge

The Buried Treasures of “Hustler” Founder Larry Flynt

The late porn king wasn’t exactly famous for his good taste. Still, his old gold-plated tchotchkes just fetched a fortune at an online auction

Another Mass Shooting in L.A. Leaves At Least 3 Dead, 4 Critically Wounded

Gunfire broke out early Saturday outside a rented house in the affluent community of Beverly Crest

Sundance Doc Investigates Brett Kavanaugh When Nobody Else Would

SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh might have thought his confirmation was total victory, but a Sundance documentary is his new nightmare

Civil Rights Groups Sue to Stop Newsom’s CARE Court Program

Civil rights groups filed suit in CA Supreme Court against Newsom's CARE plan, arguing it robs the most vulnerable people of their autonomy

Lawyer: OC Public Defender Found Dead in Mexico Was Shot in the Head

The mystery of OC public defender Elliot Blair's death in Mexico deepens with a family lawyer saying he had a gunshot wound to the head

Study: L.A.’s Homeless Population Is Higher Than Official Count Claimed

A study by the Rand Corporation found L.A.'s homeless population is 18% higher than the official count in Venice, Hollywood and Skid Row
Flora and Son

Sundance Isn’t Dead: A Successful Slate Brings Back Film Festival’s Magic

”Magazine Dreams,” ”Flora and Son” and other favorites soared, but ”Jamojaya" had me calling my dad to tell him I love him. How’s that for a review?

The LAMag Guide to Weekend Sales: Ciao Lucia, Bottega Veneta, Renascence

Also, details on an upcoming sample sale starting next week from everyone’s favorite new boot brand, Naked Wolfe