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My Night with L.A.’s Pop Music Crypto-Keepers

A new startup is bringing NFTs to the music scene. But wait—are the vibes right?

Gavin Newsom Unveils Punishment Plan for Big Oil Price Gouging

Oil companies that make excessive profits would be fined, Newsom says, and the money given back to Californians
los angeles sheriff robert luna

Daily Brief: New L.A. Sheriff Is Breath of Fresh Air; Michelin Guide Reveals California...

Also, Henrik Mosesi, a one-time Rodeo Drive attorney, is still a lawyer—despite the allegation that he took the bar for a mobster

Sherry Lansing’s 3 Lessons for Conquering Hollywood

The Hollywood trailblazer, who was the first woman to head production at a movie studio, dishes on how to win in this town

Attorney Accused of Taking Bar Exam For Mobster Colleague Remains Licensed

Henrik Mosesi, a one-time Rodeo Drive attorney, is still a lawyer—despite allegation that he took the exam for Edgar Sargsyan

Why the New Sheriff in L.A. County is a Major Breath of Fresh Air

Cityside Column: The incoming boss of the largest sheriff’s department in the U.S. grasps something Alex Villanueva never did—you gotta play politics

A Starry Night in California as Michelin Guide Reveals Awards

California’s "unique and distinctive style and flavor" was noted as the crème de la crème was named at a swanky L.A. event
Los Angeles Magazine cover collage

Daily Brief: LAMag Gets New Owners; L.A. Bans Oil And Gas Drilling

Also, while Amazon chief Jeff Bezos lives in bad boss infamy, he makes it rain at his weirdo experimental kiddie school

Borat Bashes Trump and Kanye West in Surprise Kennedy Center Cameo

Sacha Baron Cohen revived the beloved comedy character for a skit at the ceremony for lifetime achievements in the arts