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Whole Body Method Pilates Studio

Whether the desired outcome is a therapeutic stretch or a full-body workout, the no-frills Whole Body Method Pilates Studio provides one-on-one sessions at a budget rate.

The Shower Sitch: To Brush or To Scrub?

Clearing up confusion about the latest in body exfoliating

Lord of the Ring

Two weeks after Paul Newman died, The Wrestler had its U.S. premiere on the final night of the New York Film Festival. A quarter...

Gut Feelings: Why Fecal Transplants are Gaining Ground

Don’t be squeamish, the treatment may cure inflammatory bowel disease and other ailments
black monday paul scheer

How Paul Scheer Channels a Rollerblading Banker Living His Best Life

The comedian-podcaster-actor talks season two of 'Black Monday'

Dr. Kristi Funk

The founder of the Pink Lotus Breast Center made international headlines when her patient Angelina Jolie divulged that she’d had a double mastectomy

Whitewashed without Notice, Judy Baca’s Iconic Freeway Mural Is Being Fully Restored

An important piece of Chicana art will return to public view, but that doesn't fix the city's lax public art preservation policy

In a Land of Spiritual Seekers, Kundalini Teacher Guru Jagat Is Rising Above Them...

At her RA MA Institute, Jagat fuses ancient knowledge with the digital age

In One of L.A.’s Most Outrageous Murder Cases, a Rattlesnake Was the Weapon

In 1935, Robert S. James became L.A.’s worst husband