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The Expo End of the Line Auction

This month, the arrival of the MTA at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica means the dislocation of Santa Monica Auctions, which has held an...

The Grassroots Effort to Make the Expo Line Faster

Is L.A. dragging its feet on giving signal preemption to trains?

9 Expo Line Hacks That Will Make You Love L.A.’s New Train

We’ve worked out the quirks so you don’t have to

How Long from DTLA to the Beach? Expo Schedule Out

Time to plan your new crosstown commute

5 West L.A. Spots to Watch Out for Crossing Trains

Driving on the Westside is changing irrevocably—here's what to know

Metro Opens Rail Line, Driver Crashes Into It

Is this our version of cutting a ribbon?

L.A. By the Slice: How Are We Preparing for the Expo Line After Decades...

Stocking up on hand sanitizer, first and foremost

Here Comes the Expo Line

The Expo Line is gearing up to debut Phase 1—8.6 miles of track between downtown and Culver City. Here, some players who’ve helped determine...

The 9 Best Pics of Expo Line Trains Traversing West L.A.

The countdown to opening begins

4 Ways to Get to the Parking Lot-Deprived Culver City Metro Stop

One of the rail system’s most popular stations is losing its 585 spots