Pudding On The Ritz

Each decade gets the dessert it deserves. The ’80s had tiramisu; the ’90s, crème brûlée. These days it’s butterscotch budino, with kitchens doing their best to distinguish their versions of the Italian dessert.

theessentials_masa_tPizzeria Mozza
Dahlia Narvaez’s budino spawned a thousand imitators, but no one has duplicated the rosemary-and-pine nut shortbread cookies that come with it.


Like everything else at the Venice bistro, the dollop of crème fraîche  gelato is farmers’ market fresh, adding a note of restraint to this rich pot de crème.


Better known for meats than sweets, the steak house deftly combines two major trends, adding a salted caramel glaze to its pudding.


theessentials_masa_tWood & Vine
Served in a mini mason jar, the confection is sprinkled with Maldon sea salt. Get a scoop of salted caramel ice cream on the side.


Illustrations by Daniel Krall