The Power Playbook: Workouts at Work


Single-Leg Squats

Chair Dips

  1. Brace the chair against the wall.
  2. Place your hands outside your thighs and ease your butt off the seat so your arms bear most of your weight.
  3. With chest out and toes pointed up, lower your body
    to the floor by bending your elbows.
  4. When offered a cookie later, just say no.

Single-Leg Squats

Leg  Raises

  1. Scoot to the chair’s edge so your butt is halfway off.
  2. Lean back and straighten your body until your heels are just an inch off the floor.
  3. Raise both legs together while also bringing your torso forward for an added ab crunch.
  4. Skip the afternoon Coke; drink water instead.

Single-Leg Squats

Single-Leg Squats

  1. Stand on one leg two to three feet from a chair.
  2. Bend the other leg and rest the top of that foot on the seat.
  3. Lower your body by bending your standing knee (if that knee ends up
  4. farther forward than your toes, the chair is too close).
  5. Switch legs and ignore bemused colleagues.


Illustration by Chris Gas


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