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Postscript: With a Bullet

In court testimony, we heard several reports about Spector’s proclivity for brandishing guns at women. When you were reporting on Spector, what seemed like the most consistent observation people close to him would make about the man?
That Phil was crazy. The old adage is "mentally unstable"—Phil was literally chemically unstable, a self-described “manic-depressive and psychotic,” “unable,” for years, as he put it, “to function as a regular part of society.” He suffered from chronic insomnia and from “devils inside that fight me,” and grew up dominated by his overweening mother and sister, who smothered him with love while treating him like a pet poodle on a very short leash. Consequently, what would set him off was some serious drinking followed by any hint of rejection by a woman he was even remotely attracted to. If rape is a form of domination and humiliation more than a sexual act, then mental rape was what Phil was engaged in when he reached for a gun and terrorized women who had often inadvertently offended him. Read more...
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