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Postscript: Roz Wyman

It happened in September. We were organ­izing Women for Kennedy, with their funny hats and eve­rything—I hated it, actu­ally; it was just so sexist back then—and we were having a fund­raiser. We were very concerned, because this had been Adlai Steven­son ter­ritory beyond belief. The activists were all for Stevenson. Would they come? I got the idea that if we held it at a celebrity’s home, maybe some people would be interested. Janet Leigh agreed to let us use her yard. She was married to Tony Curtis, and they were the sweet­hearts of Hollywood. Read more...

Postscript: What’s a Dog Worth?

In a quarter century of journalism I have written about all manner of tragedy and injustice—accidents, disasters, derelictions, innocents caught in crossfires—but no story of mine has generated as much response, ever, as What’s a Dog Worth?  Read more...
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