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A Postscript Q&A: The Dream Factory

What did you think when I called you with this assignment?
I thought it was just such a great opportunity. I've been on a lot of lots and I've shot on a lot of stages, but the idea of pointing the camera at the thing rather someone that's inside it—in other words, making the location the character and presenting it more from a blue collar perspective was new. For me, that was kind of magical.  Read more...

The “Best” of LA: The Unofficial Chain Store Confessions Edition

Every August we put out our annual Best of LA issue with a cheer—and a sigh of relief. Putting the package together requires months of reporting (eating, drinking, shopping, doing—hey, we’re just sayin’, not complainin’), writing, and designing. The issue celebrates L.A.’s best local resources: independent mom-and-pop shops and L.A.-based brands, businesses, and people. But we’d be lying if we said we’re not familiar with the big box stores dotting the city. Heck, we even have some favorites. So in the Best of LA spirit, here is our first-ever unofficial list of chain store picks. Grab a hat, a pair of shades, and a cart. We’re going shopping. Read more...

A Day in the Life of L.A.’s Burger King

6:32 Kids wake up way early. Don't they know I have a packed day? Anyway, I can see 16 minutes of Nickelodeon in my near future... Read more...

Postscript: Empire of the Bun

My first official interview with Umami founder and CEO Adam Fleischman was on April 27, 2011. My Los Angeles magazine profile of Fleischman and his company hit newsstands on April 26, 2012. It wasn’t our intent to take nearly a year to research the piece—we’re talking about hamburgers, after all—but the delays allowed me to watch, from a privileged position, the way a particularly ambitious business deals with supersonic growth. It also made for a worthy reporting challenge: trying to stay on top of the ever-expanding, ever-morphing empire of Adam Fleischman. Read more...

The Essential Podcasts of The John & Ken Show

This month Los Angeles magazine writer-at-large Ed Leibowitz profiles John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, the controversial hosts of KFI’s The John & Ken Show, who are under fire from critics after 20 years on the air. Unfamiliar with their work? Leibowitz, who has written about such polarizing figures as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gloria Allred, and Charlton Heston for this magazine, revisits John and Ken’s most heated rants: Read more...

The Sound of the L.A. Riots

These tracks were in heavy rotation during my senior year of high school and early college exploits. They represent a composite of a culturally rich, diverse Los Angeles as seen and heard through my emotional experiences surrounding the L.A. riots, and they laid an early foundation for what would become my style of programming as a DJ. Read more...

Postscript: Never Stop Fighting

In the March issue of Los Angeles magazine, Ben Ehrenreich writes about how after a lifetime of activism, former Chicano power leader Carlos Montes is facing possible prison time on questionable charges. Ehrenreich, whose Los Angeles magazine story "The End," about death in L.A., won the National Magazine Award for feature writing in 2011, talks with executive editor Matthew Segal about Montes's singular career—and why the case against him should concern us all. Read more...

Postscript: Under the Desert Sun

Finding Yvette Vickers

In the February 2012 issue of Los Angeles magazine writer Steve Mikulan reports on the unusual life and death of Yvette Vickers, the B-grade screen star whose mummified corpse was discovered in her Benedict Canyon home last year.  Read more...

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