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    Nichols joined Los Angeles magazine in 2000 and brings a historical perspective to the magazine with pieces on lost neon, vintage road trips, and the last elevator operator in L.A. Nichols writes the Ask Chris column and recently wrote a book about Los Angeles architect Wayne McAllister.


Chris Nichols' Queen Mary Adventures

On June 1, the Cairo Caravan, one of the oldest and largest belly dance conventions in the country, will shimmy onto the Queen Mary. What other types of events has the art deco icon hosted? Chris Nichols recounts his most memorable experiences onboard the ship  Read more...

"Classic LA to Z" From Start to Finish

In the February 2012 issue of Los Angeles magazine, we note the ways in which history is all around us and offer 26 reasons to celebrate the city, from timeless places that provide comfort in their consistency to beloved institutions that continue to surprise. Read more...

The Ask Chris Guide to House Calls

We’ve all been stuck behind their trucks on the freeway or waited at home all morning for them to arrive, but Los Angeles delivery, maintenance and repair men were a little hard to find when we cast them as supporting players in this month’s fashion spread. Photographer Albert Sanchez laid out the scenario as if they were scenes from a ‘50s melodrama. Our housewife (her character’s name was Mitzi) spends her days lounging around her 1920s Spanish house, all dressed up with nowhere to go. The men she encounters represent iconic Los Angeles companies. We love the outlandish trucks of Dy-Dee Diaper and George Brazil, but neither firm was available. Same goes for Adee-Do and Jack Stephan—it’s impossible to find a plumber in this town! We struck deals to work with Western Exterminator, Anawalt Lumber, and Union Ice, but their film ended up on the cutting room floor. Actors portraying the fine men of Sparkletts, Mr. Rooter of Sun Valley, and Forest Green Tree Service now grace our pages and we know who to turn to the next time we’re thirsty, blocked, or overgrown. Read more...
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