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Neighborhood Watch

  • My LA to Z: Skyler Page

    Page, whose new animated comedy "Clarence" premieres on Cartoon Network today, finds adventure in the mundane and magnificent corners of the city. Here he tells us where he finds secret sandwiches, books on science, and great people watching (served up alongside great pie)

  • My LA to Z: Jennifer Morrison

    The actress, who routinely kicks ass and saves dames alongside Snow White and Prince Charming on ABC's "Once Upon a Time," could easily live happily ever after in L.A. Here she tells us where she sips coffee with friends, takes in some theatre, and gets lost in a good book

  • My LA To Z: Kevin Daniels

    The star of USA's new series "Sirens" (who you may also recognize as Longinus from "Modern Family") may play a Chicagoan on TV, but he's got L.A. on the brain. Here he tells us where he detoxes on Monday mornings, finds duds for that 6'5" frame, and gets in a bit of salsa dancing

  • My LA To Z: Matt Lanter

    The teen badboy from The CW's "90210" and heartthrob on the network's new show "Star-Crossed" tells us where he soaks up the great outdoors and refines his olive oil palette

  • My LA To Z: Shohreh Aghdashloo

    The Oscar-nominated Iranian actress (and one-time villainess on "24") reigns supreme as Gypsy queen Stefania Vaduva Popescu on NBC's "Grimm." Here she tells us where to indulge in healthy fare, breathtaking hikes, and how to find a bit of Tehran in L.A.

  • My LA To Z: Charles Michael Davis

    The newest of the CW's toothsome vampires (he plays Marcel on "The Originals") hails from The Buckeye State, but he bleeds Los Angeles. Here he tells us where to get an education in jazz, why he loves going to sleep, and the real reason he prefers yoga to CrossFit

  • My LA To Z: Terry Crews

    The breakout star of Fox’s "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" (and those awesome Old Spice commercials) may be Michigan born, but he’s L.A. through and through. Here he tells us where he geeks out on art books, spends an afternoon with his (five) kids, and how he maintains that linebacker’s physique


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