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Between the revitalization of downtown—with its new restaurants and watering holes—and a roster of incoming properties on the Strip, the desert playground is reinventing itself again

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    With its long-neglected downtown transforming into something hip—even a little intimate—and dapper boutique properties popping up along the strip, L.A.’s favorite cross-border playground is dusting itself off and launching into a new era Read

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      On the Horizon

      In a city that is always in flux, change may be the most constant thing about it. Here, a hit list of coming attractions

    • spanglicious

      In the Drink

      From tiki to tasty to dazzlingly freaky, a quick guide for when you want a jigger of atmosphere with your beverage

    • borderguard

      Show Time

      A handful of winning wagers in a town rife with live acts

    • kitchenstars

      Chef’s Choice

      David Myers, who spun L.A.’s Comme Ca into a Vegas destination, shares the spots where he likes to eat when he’s in the desert

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      Pool parties not your thing? There are plenty of other ways to get some sun and an eyeful of nature’s bounty

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      Where to ogle vintage neon, nascent galleries, and sharp architecture before the sun goes down

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      Travel Tips

      Advice on getting into, out of, and around Las Vegas