Wine, Women & Shoes


Every once in awhile I go to a fundraiser and think (cue Forest Gump) “That’s a fine idea.” It was my thought exactly as I walked up Heather Thomas and Skip Brittenham’s looooong cobblestone driveway to the Wine, Women & Shoes fundraiser they were throwing on their front lawn. It was basically shopping (Fred Segal, Jenni Kayne, Kendall Conrad, among others) and restaurants (Craig’s, Crustacean, The Palm, Toscana, and more!) and booze all in one spot with the money raised going towards two charities—Children’s Action Network and Westside Children’s Center (both orgs support adoption and foster care in L.A.). Event chairs Patty Penske, Stacey Kohl, and Carla du Manoir where in charge and ladies wandered barefoot on the grass in search of the perfect shoe (with a glass of red or white in hand). Did you know Drew Barrymore makes a Pinot Grigio? Well, she does and it is fabulous. Nitro Dreams was splashily (trend alert) making ice cream and everyone stayed well beyond the usual 20 minutes. $200,000 was raised in a matter of hours.

Photogographs by Alex J. Berliner / ABImages 

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  • Sue de Fraine

    Well every girl needs lots of shoes!!!! Hope the hostess did not have any doggies as you were all walking around without anything in your feet!!!!